Monday, August 11, 2014

PIYO Giveaway

Okay everyone!  I know it's the end of summer, but is there really a time to "start working out?"  Anyone and everyone that knows me, knows that I'm usually late....for everything!  It's a "Simon thing" (inside joke)! 

Well, I have decided to take control of my weight.  I have said this before and yes, diets come and go.  This time, I want it to be a life style change, not just a "diet"!  I was planning on going to the Parks and Rec building on Tues & Thurs for their PIYO workout & then I see where Jenna Buettemeyer is having a #choosingjoyPIYOgiveaway!!!  

This is beyond exciting!!!  I usually don't enter into giveaways, but I truly believe this is my time to take control.  I was going to join another person's team about a month ago, but really didn't have the $$ to get it started.  This is a "God thing".... A chance to get back into shape and with this chance, I can do it!!!!   

I started reading Jenna's blog about 2.5 yrs ago, when her MIL was diagnosed with cancer.  You see, I am a member of FBC-Bentonville, but there are so many people that I don't know or I do know of them!  Their strength and openness of their feelings during this time and after Mrs. Janet received her healing and is now in her eternal home has helped me open up and start my own blog.  I'm not near as good or consistent, but it does help. 

So, with that being is a link to her giveaway!  I'm so excited!

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