Saturday, August 9, 2014

Gunn Summer 2014

This summer, we just stayed home and did little things around town.  No special vacation trips to the beach (I missed that one!).  We did make memories though & that's what matters!  Here a some pictures highlighting our summer!! 

We went exploring our beautiful trails

We had a garage sale on Kayden's last day of school! 
Yes...he is eating a donut on a play potty!  
There he is fully dressed and on his way to school!  Our sweet friend Michelle took him that day.
Presley and her sweet friend Payton had a play date! 
Brook went to her very first and last children's camp!  She was awarded Girl 6th grade camper of the week!!!  We were so happy for her!!! 

After camp, we had VBS 2014 "Weird Animals" This was a huge success!!!

We were able to bring my friend Tasha's daughter Angelina.  Everyone had a blast!
Presley was able to help one morning by holding up the Christian flag during pledges.  She was excited! 
This was Brooks last year to participate in VBS, so they got all the 6th graders on stage.  Next year, she gets to be a LEADER!!! 
This was Presley's first "official" year to be a part of VBS.  She LOVED Mrs. Fruit Salad and Mrs. Hot Tamale!!!

We visited Eric's family in Missori! This is Brook and her Great Uncle Tommy

We took a train ride from Springdale to Van Buren & back to celebrate a special mans life!!   Kayden missed out bc he was having fun with Nannie & Pops!
Spent time at the lake with Papaw & Meme while the were camping! 
Beautiful view!! 

Loved eating Smores!!

Swimming at the Rogers Aquatic center with friends

Riding bikes

What did you do this summer? 

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