Sunday, December 29, 2013

Playing catch up/Thoughts in writing

It's been exactly 2 months since my last blog post.  I apologize (not that many people read my blog) for not keeping up. 

Thanksgiving was great & enjoyed visiting with family.  Sorry, no pictures....I know that's sad! :-( 

Christmas was great!  Presley got a my size Barbie from Santa! She was SOO excited!! 
Kayden got a new shotgun, bow and pistol from Santa!  He said, he had to practice so he could go hunting with Daddy when he got older! 

The kids had a good Christmas.  
Eric and I cooked the Christmas meals this year and took it to my brothers house to eat since our home is sooo small.  Eric fried a turkey for us.  YUMMY!!!  
It was great seeing my nieces and nephews (missed seeing my nephew Brandon, he was working).  I have 7 nieces and nephews. 
Christmas supper was spent with Eric's cousin Rusty, wife Stacey and their two boys Tommy and Dusty.  We had a great visit!!  

Tomorrow, I will celebrating 7 yrs with my best friend, my husband Eric!  

We have been through A LOT in our earlier years of marriage, but thankfully we have fought hard for US and put GOD back into our lives and marriage.  
Eric was my ROCK when my momma died only 3 months after we married.  I couldn't have made it through everything we had to go through without him!  

I can't imagine my life without him in it!!  He has a heart of gold and is very protective of his family.   

Yesterday, I read a little post from a church friend in light of our church loosing a wonderful servant of God's word and works for our youth, after a battle of ovarian cancer.  I was able to hear Janet Pate and her daughter speak at our Women's retreat earlier this year.  Even though I never had the chance to actually meet her, she encouraged me in so many ways as a mother and on my personal relationship with Jesus.....she even reminded me of my own mother.  

The post I read talked about journaling and blogging to your children.  Not only writing down special activities/holidays or dates of special "firsts", but also showing them and expressing to them how much you love them but most importantly how much God loves them.  Take them through some of your challenges and some of your victories.  When they are older or if a day comes that God is calling you home a little earlier than you expected.  Your children will have something to look back on and read, something to go to when they miss their momma, a personal gift from you to him/her.  Oh, to have been able to have had something like that from my mother!!  I have had so many questions for my mom over the past 6 1/2 yrs.
The post expressed more, but this is just a small bit of what I got from it.  It really made me think and gave me ideas.
I may not have started journaling or blogging when my children where born, but I'm definetly starting now!!  I'm going to start a personal journal for both my kids to some day read.....hopefully, I will be the one to give it to them.   

God poured out the Spirit on us freely because of what Jesus Christ our Savior has done. His grace made us right with God. So now we have received the hope of eternal life as God's children. (Titus 3:6, 7 NIRV)