Thursday, September 11, 2014

A new month - September 2014

So today is 9/11/14.....13 years ago today, I was at my desk at the title company I worked for in Eureka Springs, when my coworker/friend got me and said that something just happened really bad!  What are you talking about?  So we turned on the TV in the lounge and watched the news as they reported about the Twin Tours being hit.  I thought this could not be!  I cried and called my dad, mom and step dad!  What does this mean for us (USA)?  I couldn't take my eyes off of the was just scarey!  7 years later, something good and bad happened that day.  On 9/11/08, a beautiful baby girl was born to one of my best friends!  Emma Clare Barns was born!  Also on that date, my step dad was convicted by a jury of his peers for murdering my mom.  I am so thankful that sweet Emma Clare was born to help take the sting away from an emotional week we had that ended on this day 6 years ago.  So that is my recap of my 9/11 stories, now on to the's more exciting and blessed with Gods grace and love!!!  (Not that ECs birth wasn't) :-)

It has been a crazy few weeks!  Since Presley started Pre - Kindergarten (it isn't PreK anymore and she will correct you if you say it is!) I have been so busy!!  One would think that being a SAHM would give you some time to yourself and time to relax.....OH I BEG TO DIFFER!! :-)

I think I am busier NOW, than I ever was when I worked full time!

I am able to volunteer at Kayden's school now.  I am officially the "BoxTop Mom" at his school.  Presley and I go around the rooms and collect Box Tops for Education and Campbell Labels for Education from the teachers, we cut them down to the dotted line and bag them in a group of 50 and get them ready for mailing.  We have the help of several moms and 4th grade students!  The money raised will go toward something for our wonderful school.  I also assist my husband with his appt's and invoices.  He is wanting me to help shoot the pictures, but I have not been able to accompany him on any photo shoots as of now.  Maybe when PK starts kindergarten next year.


I am also the leader for our schools Good News Club!  What is GNC?  It is an after school bible club basically that meets once a week at our school.  If you want any information on GNC, go to  This is a wonderful club and I am so excited!!  Right now, we are needing A LOT of volunteers to help before we can even get started!  In the past, we have had over 50 kids!!  I know God has great plans for our club and has placed it in his hands!!  He will provide the volunteers that we need to make the club happen.

Kayden was been a busy little boy!  He started soccer AND is currently a Tiger Cub Scout!  He has been so excited about started cub scouts!  He also started Awana's and RA's (Royal Ambassadors) last week!  We recently had Kayden evaluated for Dyslexia a couple of weeks ago.  He does have some dyslexic traits BUT we need to wait till he is 7 before she will do any official testing.  The psychologist we saw stated that it would show better results after he turns 7.  So we finally have a game plan and I am happy!  His teacher is amazing this year!  We have been so blessed with two amazing teachers so far, since he started school!  She has supplied Kayden with overlays to help with his reading.  He states this helps A LOT!!  He still struggles, but what ever we can do to make it easier for him the better!  She even gave us some overlays to use at home! 

Brook started back at Tumbling last week.  She is really excited and is practicing so hard!!  Adjusting to a new school and just new life in general has been a little hard for her.  She is making big strides and is doing MUCH better.  We love her so much and want whats best for her. 

Presley has not started back at dance.  :-(  I wanted to give Brook a shot at doing something that she has never gotten to do and do not want to overflow our plate for when the "down season" comes around this winter.   I really hate it for her, but know this is the best decision for us right now.  When she starts kindergarten and we do not have to pay for preschool, she will be able to return to our beloved KDA!!  She misses her friends and teacher, Mrs. Laine.

Eric's business has really picked up since this spring!  It has been 1 year since K&P Media has begun and I am so proud of the hard work my husband has put into this.  When I stopped working, I was scared to death and was so unsure of what to come.  I finally had to hand all my worries to God and say, "I can't take this, please help me!"  There were days when his schedule was blank and we were worried how would we pay bills this week.  We prayed and handed it over to him and within 30min his phone started going off with emails and phone calls for photo shoots!!!


K&P Media is a real estate photography company that my husband started September 2013.  He has built it from ground up and has worked so hard.  Did I tell you how proud I am of my husband? :-)  If you need any real estate photography or have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at!!

Oh, I forgot to add that Kayden is selling POPCORN!!!  If anyone is interested in buying some popcorn to help support Kayden's scout activities and his den, please let me know!!  I am fixing to set up his online acct tomorrow, so I will post the website once it is up and running!

If you are local, NWA area, let me know and I will drive our little scout to your house and you can look at the different types of popcorn you may want to purchase!! :-)

Are you busy?  Tell me about your busy schedule/life!!

With HIS love,