Thursday, July 3, 2014

Birthday Post...1month later

Happy Birthday to me....yesterday!  Yes, I turned a year older.  Yay me! 

Since my mom died, it's not near as fun or important to me, celebrating my birthday.  Use to, our family would all grill out and shoot fire works at the end of the night!  

This year, started out......

WOW!!!  I didn't get to finish my birthday post like I wanted to....because today is August 8th!!!  A little over 1 month since my birthday.  

I'm going to be honest, it's been rough, but God has been blessing my family SOO much!!  

I recently started going to a Monday night bible study that my church has.  I've been wanting to go for several years, but my shyness has kept me from going.  

"You shouldn't shy away from Gods word@....well, I did!   Let me say, NO MORE!!!  Since this bible study, I have learned so much and enjoy being around many smart women who can explain and teach Gods word!!  

I am so thankful for my church & pastor, that teaches what GOD has placed on his heart & not something to please the congregation!  I'm so thankful for good Christian friends!    

This week was especially hard for members of our church loosing loved ones and friends.  This reminds me, that this home is temporary and our true home is with our God and Saviour!!!  As Homesick as we may be without our loved ones, what a glorious place they are in!!  Who would truly want to pull them away from that?   I'm praying whole heartily for the families who recently have lost loved ones and for the ones who are still struggling.  Just today, my daughter was talking to me while in the car and said this "Mom, you cry a lot...but it's because you miss Gma Kaye.  I miss her too, but we don't need to be sad, she is in heaven...right?"

She is so correct, but it's so hard not to cry and miss our loved ones, even after 7 years! 😊. 

I'm sure this post is a lot of rambling, but it's what's on my mind at 11:22pm!   

More posts to follow...soon!