Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My thoughts....

So yesterday was pretty crazy and just full of a lot of feelings going through mine & Eric's minds!  

As some of you may know & those that don't, Brook our 12yo daughter, moved in with us back in April.  The whys and what nots are not important, but we are so happy she did and have been praying for this day for a long time.  

Let me tell you, having a 12yo is much different than a 6 & 4 year old, but we welcome it with open arms!  

As a parent, we must not sit back and be "friends" to our children!  From the beginning, we need to be disciplinarians, teachers and leaders for them....not there BFF's!!!  

We need to set rules and boundaries in  the beginning and be CONSISTANT in consequences for breaking those set rules and boundaries!!  Now, don't think I am the perfect parent, bc I am NOT!!!  I make mistakes all the time!  

There is no perfect child or perfect parent!  The only person who has lived a perfect life is Jesus Christ, the son of our forgiving and most gracious God!!!   

I love all of our children so much!!  I know God has great things in store for ALL of them, but we, as parents, have to guide them and prepare them mentally, physically and spiritually for the real world, because if we don't prepare them for what is out there we have failed them and satan will get a hold of them!  

Tell them about God's love and that he sent his only son to be born from a virgin girl, he lived a PERFECT life and was sent to die on a cross for ALL of our sins and in 3 days ROSE from the dead!!!  He loves us so much!  We are all born sinners, but thankfully we are saved by his grace and love!!  Show them that the bible is Gods lesson plan on how we should live and treat people!  

We should study it, ask questions and live by it!!  I don't do it as often as I should, but I'm trying!! 

Yesterday, I decided to deactivate my FB account.  
1. I am addicted to FB!!  There I have said it...I AM ADDICTED TO FB!!  
2.  I spent so much time scrolling my feed, stalking my friends and family keeping up with their lives, that I was  putting my family and their lives on the back burner!
3.  Brook is not allowed to have fb!  What am I showing her & the rest of my family, when I am constantly on my phone checking statuses and not involved in their lives?
4.  My family comes first (after my relationship with Jesus Christ) & I need to get rid of any distractions that cause me to ignore them!  I have to teach my children that when something becomes a distraction to what is important, such as God, family, education, we need to get rid of those distractions and focus on what will help us to be obedient with Gods word!  

I would really like to start some sort of devotion or bible study for my little ones. Brook has a Devotional book she got from camp.  Discuss some verses after school or something of that nature.  Getting into the habit of studying Gods word!  

Does anyone have any suggestions?  What are your thoughts?  

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