Sunday, December 7, 2014

Do you know, that you know, that you know??

Our pastor is always asking....Do you know, that you know, that you know that you have accepted Jesus in your heart? A personal relationship with him?  If there are any doubts, you need to nail down your salvation by talking to someone, opening your heart to what really is going on with your spiritual journey....if you even have one!!  He also says (in my own words)that the day you truly accept Jesus as your lord and savior and your life is transformed to his remember where you were, who you talked to, the date it happened!  

You see....before my mom died, I did not walk a path that a Christian person should.  I did a lot of things I shouldnt have done.  I knew it was wrong....I would have conviction, but I wanted to have fun and spend time with people who I thought were my friends. 

After my mom died, I knew I had to turn my life around, especially so I could see her again!  It wasn't until about 3 years ago, I started turning my life around and building a relationship with Jesus, but deep back in my heart I doubted if I truly was saved.  

I would think to myself, of course I am saved!!!  I said the prayer....I was baptized as a child!  But those answers just didn't ease my doubt. :-( 

My thoughts were of could I go up in front of my HUGE church family and confess that I have been fooling my self?  I thought, I just need to start getting involved in the I did!  Don't get me wrong....I have always loved Jesus and I know he died for our sins, but it didn't mean much till a few years ago and I still doubted my salvation!!    I started volunteering and began working with Mission Friends, I help with our preschool church service (2x2's) once a month, I volunteer with VBS, I'm an Awana's leader.  I am a Good News Club leader at our school.  My doubt was still there and in fact, I made it worse for me to confess my doubt because holy smokes....what would people think?!?

Our church has slowly come alive!  I saw it starting his summer & now FBC Bentonville has come alive and is on FIRE!!!  A revival has started and is spreading!  The weekend before Thanksgiving our church had a hour long invitation because people were just coming down the aisle to either nail down their salvation, rededicated their lives, join our church, praying for whatever was on their hearts!   

This was not heard of at our church till today!  The people who made decisions went from one side of our sanctuary to the other!  

Here is a picture of that day I got off of our churches Facebook page. 
Unfortunately, we did not make it to church that day :-( BUT thankfully it was streamed via Livestream and I was able to watch!  I have watched many people this year (ones you never would have doubted their salvation)come and nail down their salvation in front of everyone! This day was amazing and I cried like a baby! I knew that day what I needed to do after watching this service, but my pride was still standing in the way!  

Last Sunday, I thought today was the day.....but nope, I just didn't have the courage.  

Today, our church had their annual Christmas program.  Presley is in the preschool choir and sang this morning. Our preacher didn't even have a sermon today, but the song and what he said hit me hard!  He extended the invitation 3 times and said the third time was the last....I said to myself okay, this is it!  You gotta go!!  I didn't and I was getting emotional.  I had Kayden and Presley with me (Eric was standing in the back because he doesn't like enclosed places), there were families on both sides of me.....all were just excuses!  I thought, well I will just make an appointment with Bro. Randy and go from there.....OH BUT GOD HAD OTHER PLANS!!! 

Bro. Phillip felt the need to extend it one more time!  I grabbed my stuff, kids, made my way thru a family straight to my husband crying!  He looked worried and asked what was wrong and I just said I need to go down!  He said, well let's go! 

Our church has an awesome pastorial staff!  I am so thankful for their devotion to our church and everyone in it!!  
After speaking to our youth pastor, He knelt down beside me and I nailed my salvation down and opened up my heart and confessed my sins, my doubt & accepted his forgiving grace and love!!! 

I now can say that without a shadow of a doubt, I am a 36 year old follower of Christ, I have a renewed relationship with him!  I see my upcoming baptism as a symbol of washing my past and sins away and coming up with a clean slate, cleansed by the hands of Christ!  

The weight that was lifted off my chest is amazing!  I am so excited and now feel like I can hold my head up high and boldly tell people YES, I am a Christian, a believer of Christ, I am a sinner and I don't claim to be perfect, but I do know that the Bible is our life book that has everything we need to live our lives!  

I am not good at quoting scripture, I have not been the best at reading my Bible.  I do have a fire inside me to start reading and having my quite time before my day starts.  
It may be in the beginning, middle or end of my day....but I will make time!!  I would like to look for a mentor to help me strengthen my relationship even more.  I admire people who know the Bible and can go back and quote stories that relate to another verse in the bible and so forth and so on!  They have studied their bible and I want that!  I want that and I finally have it!!  I seek knowledge for his word!!  :-) 

As a teenager and young adult, I feel like I missed out on what could've been amazing if I wouldn't have followed a road that wasn't pleasing to his plan for me.  Thankfully he never left my side!  

I had a Godly mother that prayed for me everyday!  She knew I was following a path of wrong decisions, but she never gave up!!   I know today, she is jumping up and down, swinging her arms in the air yelling YES YES YES!!!  That's my Brandi Sue!!!  :-) 

It doesn't matter how old you are, who your parents are, what you do around the community, church, school, work...etc.  If you have any doubt about your salvation or have never accepted Christ into your isn't too late!!  

You need to know, that you know, that you know, that you are the son or daughter of our Lord, Jesus Christ!  


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  1. Brandi Sue!! I am so proud of you!! You are a child of God! Soo exciting and SOOO thrilling!!!! Rejoicing for you! Love you friend! Meredith