Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Probably 99% of the time, I have either KLRC on my radio, a VBS or choir cd, or even an Awana CD.  Very rarely do I listen to anything else. 
Today, we were listening to Taylor Swifts-Shake it off.  I like the beat, we were dancing and singing in the car when Kayden said "Momma, you have to turn that off, we can't listen to it!" "Why not?" I asked.  He said, "it is inappropriate for us, it says OH MY GOD!"  "We don't say that & we need to turn it off!"  Presley says "oh man, I really like it!" "Presley, when you are older like mommy you can listen to it, but we are kids and it is inappropriate, because we do not say that!" 

I must be doing something right, when the two times I listen to something other than Christian music, I get busted out by my 6yr old son!  

I choose to listen to music that praises our Lord, Jesus Christ!  It makes me proud when my daughter belts out songs from her VBS CDs in the middle of WalMart or where ever we are & especially when my son catches something before I do and does not want to "make exceptions" just because he likes the beat.  

I'm proud of my little man for standing up for what he felt was wrong!  This may not mean much to some, but for me....it makes me proud!

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